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...or, a brief history of apathy unlimited.

apathy unlimited started like all cartoons, very modestly. even more modest than it is now, in fact.

i was working on a self-produced comic, and needed a few bits and pieces to fill some white spaces. as i had drawn the whole thing myself, it was all beginning to look a little 'samey', and i decided to draw something in a completely different style to break up the monotony. the character i came up with was 'mr. disinterested', a crudely-draw, barely servicable cartoon who was, as the title would suggest, disinterested.

when i shelved my plans for the comic, i put mr. disinterested on one of my cartoon sites, and to my utter surprise he received some good feedback. whether it was his utterly apathetic attitude, or his crudely drawn likeness that produced the good results i don't know, but he was strangely well recieved. a second two-panel mr disinterested cartoon seemed to raise a laugh or two as well, and i began to write more and more episodes. i began to realise that this one could run and run, whether it be for good or ill.

however, i soon realised that the things i was drawing and writing were no longer limited to disinterest, but included other such traits as sarcasm, black humour, occasional abuse and various other odd things. i then came up with the title apathy unlimited, the apathy part covering the disinterest rather nicely and the unlimited bit giving me plenty of room to manouevre! plus i think it sounds good.

the simple art means i don't get frustrated with my own limitation when it comes to the drawings, and i think it suits the material nicely. the jokes, not being for a necessarily mainstream audience means i can just go mental- occasionally things go very odd. sorry about that.

the original two-panel 'mr. disinterested' became the first apathy unlimited cartoon, minus the 'mr.disinterested' title, now replaced by a much nicer apathy unlimited one. i registered the domain name (i wanted a .com, but it was already taken...), and set up the site. now i post a new cartoon every monday and friday, and am happy as a pig in shit...

if you want to know more about the comic and this site, such as why i always write in lower case, visit the faq.

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