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guest cartoonists wanted!

fame and fortune awaits!*

that's right, apathy unlimited is looking for folks such as yourself to draw a comic or two for the site. it's easy, honest. here's how:

first up, download the blank frame from here. (right click and 'save target as').

second, er...up, print it out and draw on it, or if you work digitally, then draw straight on the jpeg. don't forget to sign it!

third up, scan it if necessary (300dpi should do it), and send it to me at the address at the bottom of the page. you'll have to type that in manually, I'm afraid, as the wording down there is a jpeg image- to fox the bastard spammers and their evil email-harvesting robots.

that's it.

the rules... (don't worry, there isn't many.)

'okay- so what's in it for me?' i hear you ask.

well, don't get too excited- this site isn't about money- if it was, i'd be bankrupt.

however... i will give you a credit, and put a link up to your site (if you have one).

also... eventually i hope to publish the cartoons in a book. nothing major here unfortunately, it'll just be through one of the self-publishing jobbies like lulu or similar, but it seems like a good idea. again, i don't expect it to make any money, but it would be a nice thing to try, i reckon.

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*this is a lie.

email to this address- it's an image, not text to foil bastard email-harvesting bots...